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Pay the Price Now, Reap the Benefits Tomorrow

What you forsake today for a glorious tomorrow will bring and make the best out of you. When you spend all you earn today without keeping some aside to invest and reap from in the future , you will be lacking behind . A lot of us want immediate satisfaction, while the principles of life says:

"There is a time to sow, a time to wait and a time to harvest".

When you live by the principles of life, you will live a happy and surplus life but, when we reverse life's principles because of the cravings of our flesh, the consequences on our tomorrow will be hurting, painful and regretful.

Let's break through our short term pains now, so that we can have a long term life of pleasures tomorrow and forevermore. Deciding to go through or enjoy short term pleasure now brings about long term and negative consequences (i.e. you will go through long term pain in future).

Our today will eventually become our yesterday and tomorrow, always turn out to finally be our today. Your actions today is what will determine your tomorrow. Pay the price now and reap the benefits in future . Life echos back to you in the future what you give to it today. Mistakes are correctible, Conquer your past by focusing on your future intentionally.

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